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Level 3 - Update

Under Level 3 you can only book virtual appts on the portal, if you wish to book a Face to Face you will need to ring the practice where you will be triaged by one of our nurses.

Treat all your up and coming appointments as virtual phone unless you have told to come into the practice. The Doctor or Nurse will phone you at your appointment time, if they feel you need to be seen arrangements will be made.

Do not arrive until your appointment time, you will be turned away if you are more than 2min early, this is for the protection of the community and staff.

Please be aware due to the recent news our phones lines will be busy.

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Colds and flu season is in full swing at the moment

What to do when your child is sick

Alot of preschool children in Auckland are unwell with coughs and colds, known as Influenza-like Illness (ILU). Please view the attached fact sheet for more information.

View colds and flu fact sheet

Latest News

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Special Notice: Newsham Park Clinic

Pukekohe Family Health Care – Newsham Park Clinic will be permanently relocating back to our main PFHC clinic at 10 West Street, Pukekohe, from 18th December 2020. It is of upmost importance to us, that our patients can access the full suite of PFHC services to support their health journey: Health Coaches, Acute Services, Specialist Nurses, Wellness practitioners, and more.

Your personal health info and how it is usedConsent to collect patient health information

When you sign an enrollment form you directly consent to health information (patient data) being collected. Your health information is shared with others involved in your healthcare.

Are you under 24 yrs old?

Our Wellness programme – which provides brief advice, self-management & support both in-person and virtually when you may feel you need some mental health and wellness support, is completely FREE This includes having appointments with our specially trained Wellness Registered Nurses & your health practitioner, as required.