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Treena Har­ris – South­ern Podi­a­try Diplo­ma Com­pre­hen­sive. Nurse BHSc. in Nurs­ing BHSc. in Podi­a­try Ngāti Ran­gi, Ranginui

With an interest in emergency and paediatrics Treena has spent time at both Auckland Hospital and Starship Children’s Hospital. She has a Bachelor of Health Science in Podiatry at AUT University which enables her to utilise her comprehensive background in nursing to benefit her interest in podiatry.

Areas of Healthcare

With a history of diabetes in the family, Treena has seen first hand the damage that can be done if diabetes is not well controlled.
“My late grandfather would have been the first one to state that his diabetes was okay… until an incident that saw his trousers melting to the back of his legs whilst standing in front of the heater. He was completely unaware of the damage. It was only when everyone noted the burning smell that we became aware of what had happened.
“As podiatry is a relatively new health profession within New Zealand, it is my duty to inform people of the role we play in keeping them active and mobile. All foot issues are relevant to us”.