Flu season is here, vaccines are now available

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Flu Clinic

  • Don’t wait until it’s too late. Protect yourself and your community by getting your flu shot today.

Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones! Get Your Flu Vaccine Today

In 2024, the Southern Hemisphere egg-based and cell culture vaccines contain different strains, as recommended by the WHO.

Funded option: INFLUVAC Tetra :

2024 eligibility for funded influenza vaccination- Pharmac’s eligibility criteria:

  • pregnant people
  • people aged 65 years and over
  • people aged 6 months to under 65 years with eligible conditions*
  • children 4 years of age and under who have been hospitalised for respiratory illness or have a history of significant respiratory illness
  • people aged 6 months to under 65 years with serious mental health and addiction conditions*

* For more details on eligibility click here

IF you are not eligible for funded vaccine, you can still choose to pay for Flu vaccines The options are as follows: (COST APPLIES between $40-$60)

  • FLUAD QUAD : for patients aged >65
    • It is an inactivated influenza vaccine, surface antigen, adjuvanted, egg-based vaccine More information here
  • FLUCELVAX QUAD: for patients age 6months and over
  • INFLUVAC TETRA (>6months age) , Flu Quadri ( >6months) and Afluria Quad (3yrs and over ) are inactivated influenza vaccine, split virion, egg-based vaccines.