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Immi­gra­tion Service

We offer full Immigration Medicals. To make the process easy for you please follow our guide below which includes details of documents you will need and any paperwork to do before you come to your appointment.


Prior to your appointment

Please collect or you can download the Immigration Pack. Prior to your appointment you will need to complete it and return to us. This includes all the basic information we both need and payment instructions.

When you come

Please bring your passport for all the applicants having an Immigration Medical. Ensure you have correct details of the Visa you are applying for.


The cost of a Standard Immigration Medical inc of bloods is $400.00. For children (under 15 years) the cost is $250.00. Children under 15 years do not need blood tests. These fees are payable to PFHC and required at time of booking the appointment. These costs do not include x-ray costs. There may be extra costs to be advised at the time of your consult.

There are 3 parts to your appointment each requiring 30 minutes. These appointments require us to schedule time with each person for you. Please see the Immigration pack for more detail

Chest X-ray

Radiology will require a tracking sheet from us which we will supply at the first appointment. This needs to be presented along with your passport downstairs in radiology. You will need to pay Radiology directly for your X-ray. (Children under 11 years normally don't require an X-ray)

Extra blood tests

May be required and can be carried out by latests downstairs along with your standard tests. Extra tests are not included in the above costs. For some tropical countries a faeces test is also required.

Down­load a copy of our Immi­gra­tion Pack

This will help you select the services you need, have the right paperwork with you, and understand fees.

Please note this is NOT a walk in service due to multiple appointments being required. Payment is also required at the time of booking.

You will need to book an appointment. Please ring 09 237 0280

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You can fill in your infor­ma­tion and sub­mit a form to us for your Immi­gra­tion Med­ical here.

This is on your current passport

Work Visa? or Family of Worker?

Street name and number

Mobile or landline

Please give us a current email address

When you submit this form it will go to our contact centre and we will be in contact with you in the next 3 days.